A White Woman’s Lust for BBC




          If black men only knew how wet they make me when seeing them everyday.  I try not to let on about how much they arouse me.  This new personal revelation happened only a year ago.  Before then, I viewed black people in a very negative light based on horror stories and first-hand accounts from friends and family over the years.

          I had no idea it was all bullshit until my 43rd Birthday last year.  My marriage was on the rocks and sex with my husband was nothing more than a little head, he would go down on me, and finish with in that tired ass missionary position. There was no spark and besides after being married to him for 20 years, I never experienced an orgasm unless I used a dildo or vibrator that I could only use when he was not home so it would not make him feel inadequate.  At best, his cock is cock is barely 5 inches long erect, but I was into him for the love.

          On the night of my birthday, he did something unusual.  We sat in the living-room watching our regular ration of porn on cable when a whoite and black couple cam on the show.  I anticipated him turning the channel because he had a deep distrust and dislike towards blacks based on his upbringing in Mississippi.  In some ways, these views about blacks is what kept us together.  However, he did not turn the channel and I saw him fixated on the black woman in the movie giving oral to the white man as the black spouse fucked his wife mercilessly.

          My panties were drenched seeing that black man plow that large dick inside that tight white woman.  In some ways, I briefly wished I was her.  All my adult life I longed to have a big cock to hit my uterus and stretch me wide.  My husband sipped the last of his beer and studied the black woman sucking white cock.  I left him on the sofa and went into the bedroom and masturbated from what I had seen.  He stayed up until falling to sleep in the living-room.

          The next day was a Friday and I got dressed for work, knowing that the president of the bank would not be there.  When she was not at work, the women would take liberties with the dress-code.  I showed up wearing a scarlet dress with a split on the thigh and left my panties at home.  I waited on customers at the teller window and by the time the day was over there was not a dry spot between my thighs from seeing all of the black construction-workers coming in to cash their paychecks.  When I returned home, my husband was busy on the computer.  That is hen I discovered he had placed a person ad on AdultFriendFinders seekings a black couple for fun.  He was embarrassed at first, but I let him know that as long as I could try black cock for the first time. I was in.

          Before the sun went down, it seemed like every black couple in the Houston Area responded.  My husband and I went through the pages of views and likes on our poorly produced home-made photos and videos.  This one particular couple caught my husband’s eye because the black wife has a big ass, large breasts, and thick luscious lips. Her man had a dick that seemed to be endless.  He was uncut with the skin pulled back showing a pink head.  My husband began chatting ith the wife and agreed to meet at a Budget Inn near the airport.  He had the room booked earlier in the day .  I did not quite like thatinitially.  When he left the computer to use the bathroom, I realized that he had been chatting with her since 11:00 am that morning.

          I could sense that he was pissed at me for chatting ith the wife when he returned to the computer, but he remained silent.  Then he told me the full details of our coming night.  He had reserved two adjacent rooms so that we could have our own private experiences with the other party.  This was the defining moment when I knew our marriage would never be the same.

        I became nervous after thinking about meeting a total stranger and fucking him without knowing much about him.  My husband had already packed our sex toys, lotions, and you name it and took the bags to the car.  Eventhough, I did not fully agree with his unilateral decision, I went along with a heavy dose of skepticism.  Every scenario I could think of went through my head.  I even thought that we could be killed and I could be raped.  We got into the car and started our journey in total silence.  It did not seem as if we were married, but just two people who happen to be in the same car together.  He did not hold my had lke he used to do and never once looked at me.  I expressed some of my fears and he showed me the pistol in the glove-box.

          We made it to the motel and he checked us in.  The rooms were spacious and nice.  He had a bottle of Jack Daniels Red Label, beer, and several bottles of wine.  I knew something had changed in him when he gave me one bottle and tossed my overnight bag into the adjacent room.   He guided me into the other room and closed the door between them behind me.  Not too long afterwards, I heard a knock on my door.  I was frightened, and all I wanted to do was hide.  I then heard a knock next door and the voice of an upbeat black woman said, “Hey!”  At first, I wanted to bolt into the other room and confront her, but deep inside my love for my husband died years ago.  Again, there was a knock my my door.  I slowly walked toward it and turned the door-knob to see the tallest man I had ever seen in my life.

          I must admit that I felt like a dog that caught the school bus.  Despite, wanting to be with a black man sexually, my impression was that it would be a fuck and forget.  Boy was I so wrong.  I never did find black men handsome beyond the tales about large dicks, but this guy was gorgeous.  He cam in and introduced himself and the scent of Lagerfeld cologne captivated my senses.  My husband never believed in cologne or anything fancy.  For that brief moment, I was 20 years younger and wanting him for sure.  I tossed the bottle of wine on the bed bedhind me.and planted the wettest kiss I could muster to make a good intial impression.  When his huge hands wrapped around my waist, my dress seemed to melt to the carpet below.  Hurriedly, I unzipped his suit trousers and felt nothing but dick no matter where I moved my small hands.  He chuckled and let me wiggle his dick out that dangled.  I was wide and heavy. I got on my knees and opened my mouth as wide as I cold and the girth stretched my jaws.  Tears beamed from my eyes as I eased the head over my tongue.

          I could feel it stiffen as both my hands guided it deeper and deeper into my mouth.  At least four inches remain outside my mouth with the head pressed at the bak of my throat. I began to imagine how painful it would be going inside my pussy and I would faint if he wanted anal.  He stroked my long brown hair and rubbed his fingers over my nipples.  By that point I was ready to take him on while he was still a little sot so it would not hurt so bad going in.  I crawled onto the bed faced-jp, he dropped his trousers and stripped naked, revealing every muscle.  I opene my thighs wide.

     He started to lower his head between my thighs, but I stopped him and guided the other head between y thighs.  My pussy was well aturated for that moment.  His dick slipped into me effortlessly until my body realized how much it had been stretched.  It was a searing pain that hurt so good.  He was kind enough to let that beefy cock rest inside me.  I could feel the head tap my tail-bone.  When I looked down, there was still mmore dick to accommodate.  Slowly, he began to stroke me, going deeper inside me with every stroke.  I realized that there was more moreroom for his dick. From that moment, I understood why black women get upset seeing a black man with a white woman. His dick was by far the hardest thing that ever was between my legs and when he fucked me, it stimulated my clitoris and labia, but hurt my stomach.  I wrapped my legs around his waist and locked my ankle doer his back and all we could hear was his balls smack my ass with every stroke.  I got tuened on seeing that big black meat going inside my pale white bosy.  He fucjed me so good that I  squirted numerous time.  He didn’t freakout because his wife foes the same thing with him fom what he told me.

       After about an hour,I was used to the pain and it actually felt good.  I then thought about keeping this guy around whether my husband and I would stay together or not.  I rolled over on my stomach and reached behind, guiding his slippery dick over my anus.  I parked the head at the opening and grinded my asshole on it until it was all the way inside me.  I was shocked that the pain wasn’t as intense.  Then he laid on top of me and all of his c went inside.  He had hot the spot and again I squirted while hearing the smacking sounds of his dick going in and out of my lubed booty.  I was sent over the top when his warm cum oozed inside my ass. He came hard and I was exhausted.  We fucked until check-u time the next evening.

        It did not phase me at all to see my husband kissing his wife as we exchanged good-byes.  Sadly, on the way back home all my husband talked about was the terrific sex he had with her.  I looked over at him and said, “I’m divorcing you.” He laughed and agreed that we should.  Well as of Novermber 2018 we filed the papers and agreed to remain in the same house and the black couple visit us almost daily.  That black couple was the best thing for our marriage, a divorce.  I am so thankful I could never have children at this point in my life.

Beatrice C.K. – Houston, Texas

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