The Temporary Alternative for Some Women in Between Relationships

One of the most popular trends that some women are doing in between relationships with men is opting out for women.  Yes, some of the younger women between ages 18 – 40 years of age are choosing to have another woman to satisfy their emotional and physical needs.   This is not a new thing, just popular since the advent of social media.  The interesting finding from our research is that the women that particpate in this practice the most are single, divorced or seperated women with no more than two children..

The data also implies that about 32% of these women have never been in a lesbian or bisexual relaitonship and are in most cases classfy themseles as straight.  You will also find a parallel among men that date transexuals that may male the same assertion.  In both cases, the negative social stigma is what they use in the assistance of denial.

Nw these women are not lesbians, but prefer to not have to answer to the damnds of men and therefore find themselces more at ease with another female.  Oddly enough, after intervewing about 24 of these women online, we discovered that they did not care for the masculine female types. ut lipstick girls.  When asked why, the answers were the same that they preferred a feminine touch.  Another interesting finding was about 6 of the women preferred to have relationships in the interim with transgendered male to female types.   The preference had more to do with maintaining the sensuality of a woman with the penis of a man so they would not feel that they were lesbians.

The one thing about lesbians is their particular interest is based solely on women and they have no other sexual interest in the male gender.  However, these women are not close to being lesbians and fall into a category much like bisexual in the sense they are just with a women on occasion or during certain times.  However, some of these women admitted that when they returned to conventional relationships with men, , threesomes or extra-marital afffair is with another woman on occasion may also trend in the relationships. The difficulty somes about when the other woman becomes too attached or tries to take her man.

One of the situations escalated with one of the eomrn interviewed after

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