My Black Family Truth After The Abuse

We would hate to openly admit the truth, but some black women, self included, love anal sex. Anal sex is still unpopular among most women in general but for blacks it is a big deal. There are several main reasons, for this predisposition. a black man’s penis is usually very large, then there is the pain, the nasty thoughts of bowels, and finally the humiliation.

The humiliation is where it started for me. One truth about some black women like myself is recovering from sexual abuse. Like many women in our society, I was sexually abused by both men and women in my family from age 3 until 24. The difference is that white women openly discuss these issues, but within the black community it is largely ignored. ‘Get over it!’ my family used to say. Those words were all I heard.a constantly when I would cr y, beg, and plead before an aunt would wrap her thighs around my neck hitting with a belt to lick her the right way ormale uncles and other relatives having their way with me at the same time. This wwas the way I was introduced to anal sex at age 18. read more

A White Woman’s Lust for BBC

          If black men only knew how wet they make me when seeing them everyday.  I try not to let on about how much they arouse me.  This new personal revelation happened only a year ago.  Before then, I viewed black people in a very negative light based on horror stories and first-hand accounts from friends and family over the years.

          I had no idea it was all bullshit until my 43rd Birthday last year.  My marriage was on the rocks and sex with my husband was nothing more than a little head, he would go down on me, and finish with in that tired ass missionary position. There was no spark and besides after being married to him for 20 years, I never experienced an orgasm unless I used a dildo or vibrator that I could only use when he was not home so it would not make him feel inadequate.  At best, his cock is cock is barely 5 inches long erect, but I was into him for the love. read more

Where are white women in the fight for black men? — Interracial Marriage

The most disrespected person in America is the black man. The most unprotected person in America is the black man. The most neglected person in America is the black man. The black man has the highest incarceration rate in the US. The black man is demonized. We live in a country where Whiteness is rarely […]

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